Visualizing Empires; updated

Did you ever wonder what the major European Empires would look like if they were balloons?

Of course you did!

I found this fascinating visual display by Pedro M Cruz while searching Vimeo last December and thought that it was a fascinating visual display of the rise and fall of the four large European empires. Want to read more?

Career Choices

Career ChoicesI have spent the last several days adjusting the inventory in my warehouse. This involves searching for serialized products in our facilities and sitting in front of the computer and changing 5’s to 6’s and changing 7’s to 2’s.

My eyes are bleary and my brain is fried. Have you ever noticed that simple repetitious work is more tiring than work that actually involves thinking?

I would have never have imagined doing work like this when I was a kid. I was always going to be an astronaut. I remember those Gemini Capsules where I could have just sat there and enjoyed the ride. Want to read more?

The World’s Greatest Artistic Performance

The Worlds Greatest Artistic PerformanceThe Worlds Greatest Artistic PerformanceIt was very interesting to follow the midterm elections. But I think that we should pause just a moment to admire what is possibly the greatest artistic performance since Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa back in 1506.

Here is Steve Martin performing King Tut back in 1979! Want to read more?

Unemployment Rate 2010

If you want to find information about the unemployment rate; this is one place to check. There is lots of information about the unemployment rate on the internet, but it is all over the place. I have searched around for unemployment information and added it into this post.  Want to read more?

Ranking the Top Political Polls

Ranking the Top Political Polls

If the election were held today, which candidate would I be wrong about you voting for?

Here is a ranking of the accuracy of a couple of hundred of the most common political polling organizations. This list might be helpful to you if you see different tracking polls which ask the same questions but have different results. 

This list was compiled by using data from an article at, but the information was created in a roundabout way. 

The data was originally collected and assembled by Nate Silver at his polling blog at I didn’t like the criteria that Silver used when he rated pollsters and fortunately adjusted that data in a way that I prefer. They removed Silver’s transparency criteria and just rated the pollsters on how well they have historically performed.   

I simplified the information that created and just turned it into an easy to read pollster ranking. If you want to see the source data that was created at then here is an excel spreadsheet

This list should only be used in a general way– see my qualifications at the bottom of this post. 

 Here is the list: Want to read more?

Casting a Smarter Vote

Casting a Smarter Vote

Political Decision

So… How do you decide whom to vote for?  

When you are looking at an election do you only vote for the person with whom you agree or is your choice more complicated than that?  

The conservative author and commentator; William F. Buckley came up with an idea called the “Buckley Rule” which calls upon conservatives to vote for “rightwardmost viable candidate.” In other words, don’t waste your vote on someone who can’t win.

Rush Limbaugh recently responded to Buckley’s argument with a rule of his own. His rule states; “In an election year when voters are fed up with liberalism, you vote for the most conservative in the Republican primary—period. Want to read more?

How religious is your country?

Which countries are the most religious? — Here is a ranking of the importance of religion to the residents of many countries of the world. This is based upon a Gallup survey.  

How religious is your country?

The Distribution of World Religions

The most religious countries tend to be either poor, Muslim or both. Your country is probably less religious if it is wealthy and European. Gallup just did a survey in 114 countries and found that religion pays an important part of the lives of most people in the world. I have taken their survey and worked with information from the CIA Factbook that I have listed on my “The Types of World Governments” post and came up with the table listed at the bottom of this page. 

Want to read more?

Pat Caddell: A Democrat Who Gets It

I have been arguing that President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress have seriously failed their party; they have made repeated mistakes and miscalculations that have driven most independents and many Democrats over to the Republican side for the coming election. Want to read more?